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Your Coral Springs Orthodontist! Braces for Children & Adults

John Orthodontics is your Coral Springs orthodontist!

We offer advanced modern braces for children & adults as well as Invisalign. 

Dr. Eliane A. John loves helping people of all ages in the Coral Springs area using cutting-edge technology. Using the latest techniques, patients can achieve their dream smiles faster and more comfortably.

At John Orthodontics, you can expect a top-quality custom treatment that fits your budget. Thus, we have a variety of payment options and help with insurance claims for those with insurance.

Today, more adults are getting started with braces and Invisalign. Remember, it’s not too late, and the benefits can be life-changing. Over the years, we’ve loved helping our Coral Springs and Broward County patients achieve their dream smiles.

Your Coral Springs Orthodontist

For the best experience with braces for children & adults, choose an experienced, caring orthodontist. Notably, Dr. John is a board-certified orthodontist, a voluntary credential. Importantly, board certification reflects a commitment to providing lifelong quality patient care.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. John can design the best custom plans for patients from age seven to adults. Notably, the American Association Of Orthodontists recommends the age of seven for a child’s first visit. Then, you can help ensure kids get the best start for a lifetime of better oral health and smiles.

With orthodontic treatment, Dr. John and our wonderful caring team help families look and feel better. Furthermore, aligning the teeth and jaws with braces can help you avoid many potentially serious health concerns. And, there’s nothing like seeing our Coral Springs friends sharing their incredible smiles!


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More Choices in Advanced Braces

At John Orthodontics, we offer a variety of braces and Invisalign. Today, for patients who prefer a discreet appearance, clear ceramic braces rival Invisalign. Therefore, you can feel confident as you work on your smile.

Fortunately, braces are much more streamlined and discreet than in the past. Also, with options like self-ligating brackets, treatment is faster and more comfortable.

With Invisalign, both teens and adults can enjoy eating all their favorite foods throughout treatment. Notably, since aligners come out easily, you can eat and brush as you do now. Thus, Invisalign is an attractive and effective choice that’s helped millions of people worldwide.

Generally, Invisalign and braces are comparable in cost and affordable at John Orthodontics. Which orthodontic treatment will help you? Find out for free.

FREE Consultations for Children & Adults in Coral Springs

At John Orthodontics, we always strive to make your experience as convenient as possible. Thus, we offer free virtual consultations so you can learn more from home.

With your free consultation, you can learn if you’re a candidate for braces or Invisalign. Plus, learn about affordable payment plans and get answers to any questions. Then, schedule your first in-person visit to meet Dr. John and the team at your convenience.

John Orthodontics is your Coral Springs orthodontist providing braces for children & adults. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of a beautiful, healthy smile!


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