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Types of Braces

Achieve A Perfect Smile With Braces At Your Coral Springs, Florida Orthodontist

Braces have come a long way over the years. Today’s orthodontic braces are smaller, more comfortable and more effective, treating even the most severe malocclusions with precision and accuracy. Dr. John of John Orthodontics utilizes a variety of orthodontic braces to give her patients the smiles they deserve. Read below to learn more about the various types of braces she uses for her Coral Springs orthodontic patients.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are not the bulky metal braces of yesteryear. Modern metal braces are made with the same sturdy, lightweight stainless steel found in space shuttles! These braces are smaller, more comfortable and capable of treating the most severe orthodontic problems, making them a go-to for treatment.

Clear Ceramic Braces

These braces are similar to metal braces, except the brackets are made with a translucent ceramic material, making them more discreet. Adult orthodontic patients love this option for their versatility and subtlety. The ceramic brackets make these braces more fragile than metal braces, so care must be taken if you select this option.

Self-Ligating Braces

Using a “sliding door” technology, self-ligating braces create less friction and tension on the teeth while still providing the same treatment benefits of traditional braces. The lightweight stainless steel wire slides freely in the brackets, which means your braces adapt naturally to the movement of your teeth. This provides faster treatment times and fewer orthodontic appointments for adjustments, creating a more comfortable treatment experience. Further, these braces are much easier to clean, meaning you can maintain quality hygiene throughout treatment.


Invisalign technology is sweeping the orthodontic field, and rightfully so. First, 3D computer images are taken of your teeth and bite, these images are used to generate a series of clear plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. The patient will wear these aligners to gradually correct their bite, switching the aligner out every few weeks for the newest one in the series. The aligners are clear, making the treatment undetectable to others. This is a great orthodontic treatment option for adults and tees.

Invisalign Teen

The Invisalign Teen system works the exact same as Invisalign with a few added benefits for the teenage lifestyle. To keep things simple, Invisalign Teen offers a color changing reminder feature that alerts the patient it is time to change to the next aligner. Further, it offers a protection plan to replace any lost or damaged aligners.

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