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Community involvement is incredibly important to the JO team, and we are always excited to give back to the community that serves as the foundation of our practice. Being a mother of two children in the Parkland school district, Dr. John enjoys participating in many different types of events and reaching out to the members of the community. John Orthodontics takes pride in sponsoring quite a few organizations, teams, and events:

  • Parkland Youth Soccer
  • Coral Springs Youth Soccer
  • Parkland Youth Baseball
  • Coral Springs Youth Baseball
  • Heron Heights PTA
  • Parktrails PTA
  • Riverglades Elementary School
  • Parkland Trunk or Treat
  • South Florida Parenting Holiday Festival

If you have any good causes in the community that are in need of support, please let us know and we’ll be happy to take it into consideration!

parkland trunk or treat
parkland trunk or treat
riverglades elementary orthodontist sponsor
fun orthodontist parkland fl
parkland soccer picnic sponsor
parkland soccer picnic sponsor

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