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The Health Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is a simple way to showcase how you feel on the inside to the outside world. By flashing a smile you are portraying inner happiness through a facial expression. This can potentially say a lot about you without you actually saying anything at all! What a powerful emotional expression. From first impressions to moments where we feel immense joy, there is nothing quite as warm as a lovely smile. There are many health benefits of smiling. Studies point to smiling as away to actually heighten your overall mood and promote positive energy within yourself. While you do this, you are also undoubtedly promoting the same feelings in those around you. It’s hard to believe such a small gesture can mean so much, but it definitely does.

Thankfully there are many reasons to smile. However some people may unfortunately be unhappy with the presentation of their oral health when they smile. The condition of your own dental health including your teeth may leave you hiding what could otherwise be a beautiful smile. If you experience unproportional spacing between teeth, an underbite, overbite, tooth decay, headaches, TMJ or other issues; you may not be smiling while you read this. It can be said that there are many benefits of a healthy smile. Fortunately, John Orthodontics focuses on sculpting our patient’s smiles, crafting long lasting beautiful work.

Perfecting Your Smile

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If you are seeking orthodontic treatment that will leave you smiling, John Orthodontics is the best around. We serve Coral Springs, Florida and the surrounding areas of Broward County. When seeking to improve your smile you may be unaware of some of the treatments that may benefit you. Many people may feel as though they are too old for orthodontic intervention and many parents may feel as though their children are too young for treatment. This however is far from the truth. We have many different types of braces and various solutions to all orthodontic scenarios.

Contacting John Orthodontics

Successful orthodontic treatment will leave your mouth feeling renewed. When you choose John Orthodontics you can be confident in the care you receive. No longer will you have to be consciously concerned about the condition of your smile. By focusing on our patients individually and always giving extra attention to detail, John Orthodontics will do more than just perfect your smile, we will give you an extra reason to smile! We invite you to learn more about the health benefits of smiling. Stop by today, or schedule a free consultation by dialing (954) 575-3313 today!

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